Plarn Produce Bag Pattern with a Difference

This practical produce bag is made of recycled plastic grocery bags (otherwise known as plarn). If you want to know how to make plarn take a look at this blog and video tutorial.

This project was originally conceived to repurpose the non-returnable bags we accumulated from online grocery shopping during the recent Covid 19 lockdown. As well as looking good, it’s very sturdy and can be washed quickly and easily; so no worries about putting it in the fridge! It has a handy draw string cord to stop your fruit and veg escaping. This was worked as an i-cord which is a really handy technique to master. PlanetJune does a very nice i-cord tutorial if you are curious. I chose to use a rich blue plarn to provide a contrast to the muted gray shades of the bag. The grey bags are from Ocado.

If you’d like to make this bag you can find the pattern as an electronic download in my MoebiusJo Etsy shop, or in my MoebiusJo Ravelry store.

The pattern uses UK terminology; US alternatives are indicated. I have experimented with different yarns and hook sizes. The yarn and hook used for this version can easily be substituted for whatever you have at hand. Instructions for how to make plarn are given at the end of the pattern in a picture tutorial.

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