Beach Combing Bag: Crochet Pattern

Before I even finished the plarn produce bag featured in the previous post, a whole miriad of ideas for variations on this versatile little pattern were zipping around my head. This is one of those ideas.

A friend of my Mum’s gifted me some fingering weight crochet cotton in a subtle shade of turquoise. I’ve been using it in a lamp shade project, but thought it would make a mini version of the bag.

The main part of the bag follows the instructions in the plarn produce bag pattern in my etsy store. The difference is in the hook size (2.5mm) and the draw string. Rather than a crochet i-cord, which was too findly with such a fine yarn and small needle, I made a length of chains and then made a slip stitch into each chain. The beads came out of my bead box.

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