I’ve started but will I ever finish?

Here is a project I’ve been working on in stops and starts for quite a while now. It’s an experiment in texture and colour. My mum received a mixed bag of yarns which she in turn passed on to me. The yarns were different shades of turquoise and pistachio greens in a range of thicknesses and textures. They had presumably been bought with a project in mind which was never realised. Sounds all too familiar, doesn’t it!

I love the way crochet looks when light shines through it and have been wanting to make a lampshade for a while now to go with the curtains by the front door (pictured below). I decided to add some jute and wool from my stash and crochet everything on the same size hook with the same stitch (double crochet; US: single crochet). My friend and neighbour Sam kindly donated a hexagonal lampshade frame and off I went.

Comments are most welcome, especially ones encouaging me to get on with it and finish.

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