Toadstool baby hat and booties

I’m supposed to be writing up and sizing patterns for baby booties and hats at the moment. However, as always, it’s much more fun trying out variations on an idea and making things to give away. Here are some booties and a hat inspired by the handsome fly agaric toadstool (amanita muscaria). They are a present for a mum to be.

The original plan was to experiment with either tapestry crochet or mosaic crochet to create the white spots. The tapestry crochet worked well visually but didn’t have enough give. The mosaic crochet did make a beautiful texture for a baby item but the white wool peeped through the red too much. Hence, the little crochet circles which have been appliqued onto the hat. These in turn were inspired by Snaily.

The red yarn is an alpaca and acrylic mix in aran weight and the white spots are 100% wool, a remenant of some yarn I bought at the farmers market in Saarbruecken over 20 years ago. Using a smaller crochet hook than recommended for the aran yarn has produced a lovely firm textile in treble crochet. Given more time I may have added more spots.

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