Video by Siobhan McKeown

My daughter brought an intriguing film to my attention today entitled Hand: Anatomy of Performance Training by Siobhan McKeown. Do you also recognise the themes it touches on? Watching it makes me feel happy.

So the little crocodile eats the piece of string and pulls it inside its belly.

As well as being just a very cool film it felt very pertinent to my recent experiences of helping people learn some basic crochet and how they needed to experience the process with their own hands and somehow reinvent or discover it for themselves. I find it so tempting to touch and guide peoples hands in order to help them feel the movements of the hook and yarn, but of course this isn’t appropriate at the moment. Instead I have to try out and develop lots of alternative ways to demonstrate techniques on the fly. It is very interactive, intense and totally fascinating.

3 thoughts on “Video by Siobhan McKeown

    • Maybe you should give it another go! During lockdown my mum and I sometimes had a zoom call. A couple of times I gave her some basic instruction in how to make a granny or afghan square. She’s a knitter and sewer. She carried on after our calls and made a beautiful cushion cover which we now have on our sofa. I’ll have to put it up in a post and perhaps I should think about sharing crochet skills in virtual workshops.

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      • Yes, I’ve been thinking about going to the knitting shop and buying some yarn to make a blanket. I’ve been searching easy, but pretty looking patterns. Also, I don’t know much about “choosing” the types of yarn. You could talk about that, ie. making a scarf, normally use THIS yarn, making a blanket that we can wash, normally use THIS yarn, making socks… you get the idea. For beginners, choosing the yarn is tough. Again, enjoyed your post!


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