Extra Curricular Crochet

This info page is just to help us organise our crochet zoom get together. The whole idea is to relax and have a bit of fun; crochet can be really soothing!  I find the repetative movement almost meditative and it’s easy to pick up when you have a spare moment. There are no rows as such, just stitches, so it’s just as easy to put down again when you get interrupted. It’s very compact, so you can pop it in a bag and take it down to the park if you want to escape from the house. I’ve rediscovered this craft over the past couple of years; I originally learned as a child with this ladybird book.



The date and time I’m proposing is Sunday 12th July at 2pm, but we can change it to fit around what time we all have available. So, if you’re interested in getting together via zoom and learning the basics, could you please get in touch.

These are the skills I think it’s best to start with.

  1. double crochet in rows
  2. treble crochet
  3. crochet squares and circles

Here are some examples of what you can do using these three skills (no example of squares). How about we try making some dishcloths in various shapes and sizes?

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You will need a crochet hook and some yarn. I would recommend a 5mm or a 4mm hook (some people call them crochet needles). If you want to make a simple dishcloth, like the one in the picture above, you can buy cotton dishcloth yarn for under £2. If you want to make a scrubbie, jute yarn is great. Both hooks and yarn are available on amazon. Fred Aldous and Abakahn also have online shops if you want to stay local. Knitted dishcloths cost £8 for 2 in Unicorn, so it’s a thrifty project.