Plarn – How to make plastic yarn out of grocery bags

I don’t know about you, but to my horror and dismay during the recent lockdown we have acquired a mountain of thin plastic bags; the type with a very short life span. Like many people, we have been shielding a family member and our shopping habits have had to adapt. Usually, we buy most of our food from the wonderful Unicorn Grocery and just do an occassional supermarket shop. Whilst an extremely kind group of friends and neighbours have made regular trips to Unicorn on our behalf, most of our shopping is currently being delivered by an online supermarket. At the moment they don’t take back any of the plastic bags. My partner has been stashing these bags in the garage, however, out of sight is not out of mind and our plastic bag mountain has been gnawing at my conscience. Continue reading

Scrubbie Scourer Crochet Pattern

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This scrubbie is 100% biodegradable and was originally designed to replace the little green synthetic scrubbies I used to buy. As well as looking good, it’s great for scouring pans and anything that needs that bit of extra oomph to get it clean. It has a handy hanging loop and an open structure which allows it to dry between uses. It can be freshened up in the washing machine and used until it falls apart at which point I just compost mine. Continue reading