Sisal Scrubbie Scourer


10mm hook, half treble, loop 10 ch

This is a slightly different version of the original scrubbie scourer (original free pattern here). It’s made using sisal and so, due to the rougher and stiffer texture of sisal compared to jute, is extra good at scouring pans etc.

The yarns are compared in the pictures below.


Sisal (left) and jute (right)


Sisal (left) and jute (right)

Unfortunately, I can’t remember where this sisal twine was purchased, although I have vague recollections of a timber or builders merchants. I’ll look for a similar one and post it.

Changes to original

The hook used was 10mm and half treble ( US half double) was substituted for the treble crochet stitch (US double crochet) in the original version. The hanging loop was 10 chains long rather than 12.

This scrubbie also measures 10cm.

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